St. Peter Port Parish
St. Peter Port Parish

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Anyone throwing down, knowingly dropping or otherwise depositing in, into or from any public place in the open air (including any public place open to air on at least one side), and leaving anything so as to cause, contribute to or tend to lead to defacement by litter of any such place could be guilty of an offence.

Note: It is illegal to deposit household or business refuse in bins or any other receptacle provided in a public place by the Departments of the Environment or Public Services.

This is commonsense, really and, thankfully, the majority of the public are aware of the problem of litter. Regrettably, there are those whose attitude leaves much to be desired.

We are privileged to live in a truly beautiful island, but many areas are already spoilt by the actions of a thoughtless few. Nobody wants to live with streets, lanes, beaches and coastal paths being inundated with unsightly (and often unhygienic) litter and, clearing of such debris costs us all many thousands of pounds each year.



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