The St Peter Port Douzaine formed Floral St Peter Port Committee in 2006 with the directive to enhance and promote St Peter Ports floral beauty thereby creating a capital that is appealing to all.

Since 2006, the Floral Committee with support of sponsorship, volunteers home owners and social housing residents have created a Capital consisting of a blank canvass into a wonderful array of colour, worthy of any masterpiece.

However, unlike a finished masterpiece, which will never change, the canvass of St Peter Port is a canvass forever changing and therefore the floral challenges become greater year on year.

This is why, it is imperative that the parishioners and businesses collaborate with the Floral Committee in continuing to improve the forever-changing canvass that is the Parish of St Peter Port by participating in competitions, sponsorship and having pride in the parish.

This year we were delighted to win a GOLD award and the lady Dorey Trophy for the best floral display. This means that St. Peter Port will go forward to represent the Bailiwick in 2014 Britain in Bloom competition. We look forward to your continued support next year.

Katina Jones
Floral Committee Coordinator